BC Tenancy Guide

The intention of this section is to offer help and advice to both renters and landlords. To often have I seen people be abused by terrible landlords only because they did not know or understand the rights they had. And many times I’ve seen landlords get screwed because of mistakes they made against horrible tenants.

I have helped and assisted many people deal with issues related to tenancy and decided it was about time I put my knowledge in one place that I can refer people back to. Important disclaimer. I am not a lawyer, any advice found on here and any links to other pages is always at the readers own discretion to follow. I take no responsibility for incorrect or out of date advice.

Below are some important links that renters and landlords should visit.

Residential Tenancy – Government of British Columbia

Residential Tenancy Act – British Columbia

Residential Tenancy Regulations – British Columbia 

Tenant Resource & Advisory Centre – Legal Information for BC Tenants

University of Victoria Law Centre – Small Claims Court Fact Sheets